De vertaler 

2020, The Translator
short film (14m20s)

When a woman wanders in the snow
through the desolate landscapes of Switzerland,
The Translator writes her a letter reflecting on the past.

Early 2020, I directed 'De vertaler': a poetic short film portraying a woman wandering in solitude through snowy landscapes in Switzerland. In preparation for the shoot, I watched 'Stalker' (1979) and 'The Sacrifice' (1986) by Andrei Tarkovsky, and I was intrigued by his use of long takes shots allowing the viewer to drift off by creating little time passages. His works changed my view on cinema because I understood I can write poetry by making films. Meanwhile, I observed the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich whose paintings show nature through the presence of humans. With a local crew and actress, I travelled around in search for locations.

Premiere at Lumière Cinema Maastricht

Student competition Dutch National Film Festival

Maastricht Academy of Interdisciplinary Artss
Maastricht Theatre School

Director, music, voice-over: Leonard Peters
Coaching: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens

Wanderer: Zoé Philipona
Set-assistant: Lauren Thiel
Locations: Dania Garcia Flores
Clothing: Céline Marchon
Studio assistant: Kim Konings
Studio manager: Jo van Laar
Technical assistant: Hans Lasschuit
English subtitles: Cecilia Thoden van Velzen 


 © 2022 Leonard Peters