De vertaler (The Translator)

2020, short film (14m20s)

A woman wanders in the snow through desolate landscapes of the Swiss-French mountains, when The Translator writes her a letter reflecting on their past.

Première at Lumière Art Cinema Maastricht. Nominated for the Student competition of the Dutch National Film Festival 2020. In collaboration with Maastricht Academy of Interdisciplinary Arts & Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts (NL).

Director, music, voice-over: Leonard Peters
Coaching: Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens

Wanderer: Zoé Philipona
Set-assistant: Lauren Thiel
Locations: Dania Garcia Flores
Clothing: Céline Marchon
Studio assistant: Kim Konings
Studio manager: Jo van Laar
Technical assistant: Hans Lasschuit
English subtitles: Cecilia Thoden van Velzen 


 © 2022 Leonard Peters