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Photo by John Smits

Leonard Karel Peters is a young artist currently based in Maastricht (NL). In his present work, he focusses on the mediums of film, music (singing and composing), painting and writing.

I was born in Zutphen, a little town on the east side of the Netherlands on 1 December 1999. Zutphen has been my home for most of my life. All the memories of my youth are rooted in this town; in the IJssel river on its side, in the stones of the medieval city streets and in the plenty number of towers all over the centre.
Already at a young age, I was interested in different forms of art. I wrote stories and poems, photographed, filmed, painted, acted, sang and played the piano. Especially my mother who comes from a family of painters and writers encouraged me to develop my artistic talents. My father who is a more rational-minded but sensitive man passed his love for nature and perseverance onto me. While we were abroad, in nature, my father would hand me his camera and I would film and photograph the abandoned landscapes, mountains, streetlights in the darkness, and made closeups of bees and flowers that came on our path.
As I became more interested about movement and performance, I joined a youth theatre where I learned about improvisation, body awareness and how to use my voice. I absolutely loved it and was eager to learn. I showed potential and soon they asked me to join the advanced level. We worked towards professional productions and in those six years of training, I learned plenty about myself on stage and directing my, sometimes explosive, energy.
Later on, I made some spray-paints and worked with acryl and charcoal on large canvases. An older befriended artist offered me his atelier to work in and taught me about composition and how I could build up dynamic images. Also, my grandfather took me out for painting. I developed an abstract style with figurative details that can be interpreted as details in landscapes. I was intrigued by trees like the oak tree and the weeping willow. I observed their shapes closely and implemented them in my work. Sometimes I did so very physically like in a series of nightly spray-paints in blue and black. I collected leaves and branches and sprayed them over.
Without formal training I developed a number of skills: from operating a camera to film editing and web building. During high school, my friends and I shot a couple of short films that were nominated for several international youth film festivals including Festival Plasencia Encorto in Spain and Nationaal Film Festival Scholieren in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, I gained some experience in acting and was casted for a role at Dutch leading theatre company Toneelgroep Oostpool and was directed by Marcus Azzini.
It seemed obvious to continue my family's artistic thread and I was determined to enrol in a drama school. I did a pre- bachelor’s programme at ArtEZ University of the Arts and auditioned at academies both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After being rejected for every single programme, I began to doubt my artistic capacities and applied both for medical and journalistic studies. Just in time, I found Maastricht Academy of Interdisciplinary Arts (iArts).

curriculum vitae


  • Propedeuse BA Maastricht Academy of Interdisciplinary Arts (NL)


  • 2018-now Maastricht Academy of Performative Arts (Toneelacademie Maastricht) (NL), vocal training by P. Weltens
  • 2018-2020 Aikido Maastricht (NL), aikido training by R. Vincken
  • 2018 Maastricht University (NL), training for simulation patients  
  • 2017-2018 ArtEZ University of the Arts & Toneelgroep Oostpool, Arnhem (NL), acting course


  • 2017 Toneelgroep Oostpool, Arnhem (NL), 'Brood & Spektakel', directed by Timomthy de Gilde and Marcus Azzini


  • 2017 Nomination Festival Plasencia Encorto (ES)
  • 2016 3rd price NFFS, Lelystad (NL)
  • 2015 Nomination Festival Plasencia Encorto (ES)


  • 2019 Museum Dr. Guislain, Ghent (BE)
  • 2019 The Be, Maastricht (NL)
  • 2018 Ainsi, Maastricht (NL)