I Want to Hold onto You (will be finalised in 2024)

Original title: Ik wil je vasthouden

Through his encounters with the world’s oldest tree, Old Tjikko,and his partner’s grandfather Harri, who suffers from Alzheimer’sdisease, filmmaker Leonard Peters explores the themes of grief,care, and loss in this poetic essayistic documentary. Concernedabout his generation’s future, the filmmaker tries to hold onto whatmight soon pass away.

Filmmaker Leonard Peters explores grief, care, and loss in a poetic essayisticdocumentary through his encounters with world’s oldest tree, Old Tjikko, and hispartner’s grandfather Harri, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. By immersinghimself in the daily rituals of walks, shared meals and afternoon coffees, Leonardtries to hold onto Harri’s and Old Tjikko’s memories before they pass away. Concerned about his generation’s future due to climate change, the filmmakerreflects on how to let go. The narrative unfolds through a mosaic of interviewswith loved ones, everyday interactions, explorations in Harri’s 8mm recordings,and an introspective exploration of the landscape, as an archive of Old ­ Tjikko’smemories. ’I Want to Hold onto You’ invites viewers to join the filmmaker’sthought-voyage, where the threads of generations, care and love converge in anexploration of existence.

Director, editor, D.O.P., voice-over: Leonard Peters
Coaching: Lotta Petronella
Additional cinematography: Jacob Sweep, Yi-Fan Shih
Poetry: Sofia Tiger
Finnish subtitles: Onni Friman
Swedish and Dutch subtitles: Leonard Peters

Thanks to: Mirka Duijn, Jyoti Mistry, Ruben Östlund, Fredrik Lange, Annette Brütsch, Dan Sandkvist, Anne-Hovad Fischer, Albert Elings, Nina Wallén-Björklund, Amila Puzic, Aire Kapanen, Harri Friman, Stina Friman, Hilkka Friman, Onni Friman, Sofia Tiger, Naturum Fulufjället, Rösjöstugorna, Esperi Care Oy, Samuel Malm, Pär Friden, Arnar Gústafsson, Careen Koleilat, Henrik Johansson, Robert Melo, Jacob Sweep, Yi-Fan Shih, Karim Golestaneh, Sietske Bosma and HDK-Valand art academy.

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